DJ Turntable Training

DJ Turntable Training

Embark on your DJing journey with our Turntable Training course designed for beginners! Dive into the world of turntables, where you’ll gain hands-on experience, familiarize yourself with the equipment, and master essential DJ techniques. From beat-matching to crafting your initial recorded DJ demo mix, our comprehensive program ensures you develop the skills needed for turntable excellence. Join our DJ training academy and kickstart your passion for turntablism today!

What will be covered

  • How a Turntable set up works
  • Overview of the turntable, CDJ, Mixer & headphones
  • How to count beats
  • Cueing
  • Beat matching
  • How to mix songs together with EQ’s


This program is perfect for anyone new to the DJ world. Get hands-on experience with equipment and get a solid base to build upon.

10 Lessons

+2 Free Practice Lessons worth R700