DJ Training Own the Decks with Power-Packed Education

DJ Training Own the Decks with Power-Packed Education

Beginners DJ Training Course

The Beginner DJ Training course is for students who want to get their first real touch of CD players, become comfortable with the equipment and learn the basic technique of a DJ, you will learn to beat-match and create your first recorded DJ demo mix.

What will be covered

  • How a DJ set up works
  • Overview of the CDJ, Mixer & headphones
  • How to count beats
  • Cueing
  • Beat matching
  • How to mix songs together with EQ’s

What you will achieve through the program

This program is perfect for anyone new to the DJ world. Get hands-on experience with equipment and get a solid base to build upon.

12 Lessons ( 1 hour per lesson / one on one with the lecturer )

Beginners DJ Training COST:

R5,800 ( once off payment )

R2200 ( per month ) ( over 3 months )


 Full DJ Training Course

Dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of DJing with our complete, all-encompassing DJ Training course. Unleash your potential in a single, power-packed program that covers deck mastery, sound engineering, music and tech theory, brand development, and DJ self-promotion. Perfect for newcomers eager to turn their DJ dreams into a profession or those looking to savor the art, our course spans from the basics of beat matching and mixing to advanced techniques like using effects and crafting extended club sets.

Embrace your musical style because our cutting-edge DJ training program caters to all genres. No prior experience or formal education is necessary – just a passion for the beats! Elevate your DJ skills with us.

What will be covered

  • How a DJ setup works: basic overview the CDJ, mixer, headphones, speakers & amplifiers
  • Understanding audio quality
  • Analog versus digital audio file types and sample rates
  • The search for great music and understanding genres
  • How to count beats
  • Beat-matching by “pushing and pulling”
  • How to perform a basic mix/blend
  • How to count bars
  • Common song structures in various genres
  • DJ Set Construction
  • More advanced beat-matching techniques – “the big secret”
  • Phrase mixing and the conversation between two songs
  • Advanced Mixing and Blending EQ techniques
  • Essential DJ Software for set preparation and performance
  • Cue points and Hot Cues
  • Intermediate – Advanced features of the Pioneer CDJ
  • Advanced mixing techniques, such as the “drop cut,” “stop and drop,” “power down,” and “backspin”
  • Looping and layering
  • Intro to Scratching and Turntables
  • Advanced methods of music organization
  • Tips for “reading a room,” i.e. what to play when
  • A thorough introduction to filters and EQ combination techniques
  • Introduction to Traktor Scratch Pro DJ Software
  • Harmonic Mixing in Key
  • How to record a mix
  • Incorporating live elements such as microphones and musical instruments.
  • How to use performance effects such as echo, delay, reverb, and more
  • A variety of artist development strategies, i.e. how to “build your DJ identity”
  • An introduction to the world of promoters, club owners, managers, and booking agents
  • Advanced Methods of incorporating samples and Acapellas


What you will achieve through the program

By the end of the course you will have mastered the art of mixing on industry standard CD Players and will be fully equipped to market yourself as a professional performing artist to an audience of your choice. At DJ4Life you’ll be working on a professional DJ Stage equipped with industry standard and cutting-edge technology: Pioneer CDJs, Pioneer DJM , Apple MacBook Pros, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch Pro, vinyl, CDs, timecode, and MIDI controllers.

Our instructors teach you the necessary techniques and draw on their vast collective experience to give you insight into the mindset, workflow, and art of DJing. Graduates of the Full DJ course will have an opportunity to perform at DJ4Life events in Johannesburg City, organized and promoted by DJ4Life together with you and your fellow students. At DJ4Life, we want you to do more than just learn. We want you to become a part of our music community by joining our network!

If DJing is your passion then this course is for you!

What you will need

  • 2 x 4GB USB Flash drive (Or Higher)

40 Lessons ( 1 Hour per lesson / one on one with lecturer )


Full DJ Training COST:

R19,200.00 ( once off payment ) or

R13 440 / 5760 ( 70 / 30 split ) or

R2200 ( per Month ) ( over 10 months ) or

R4800 ( per Month ) ( over 4 months ) or

R3200 ( per Month ) ( over 6 months )