Emma Parlabean

International Freelance Music Producer and Songwriter
AfriMusicSongContest national selections participant 2020
Investic top 100 Award Winner 2018 & 2019
Rhodes University Bryars Scholarship Winner 2019
A Featured artist at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2019
Wedding DJ at FrostBeat- One of the best Sound Companies for Wedding Events in South Africa


Emma Graduated University with a Bachelor of Music from Rhodes University with Majors in
Sound Technology, Songwriting & Musical Performance.
After having worked at JB Recording Studios, One Nation Studios & Young Rebel Recording
Studios she has found her place in many different spectrums of the South African Music
Industry. These spectrums include, music teaching, djing, music production, songwriting as well
as acoustic live solo performances.
“All Musicians or People interested in music consider involving themselves with multiple forms
of income”
“The music industry is too big, too inconsistent and too exciting to choose just one thing”
Emma has produced and released numerous tracks for a variety of artists from all over the world
on platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Itunes and Soundcloud.
She has worked with artists from South Africa all the way to the UK, US, Portugal, Kenya, Canada
and Nairobi.
In addition she has taught students from all spectrums of life, all over South Africa with over 3
years experience.
“A Music Lesson should be the best part of someone’s day”
Emma aims to inspire her students to work hard and dream big.
As a wedding DJ, Emma has learnt the value of planning, especially in the music industry.
“Never plan on not making mistakes- that is just ridiculous. You will make mistakes, you have to.
Plan for mistakes to happen and you will do amazing things”.
In addition, as a wedding DJ Emma has had experience in djing for House, EDM, Oldies, Rock,
Cheezy and Background Music. “Being a wedding DJ forces you to get to know lots of different
crowds- if you don’t know the crowd, you’re not going to play the right track and you won’t do a
very good job. Observation and People Skills are key”.
“I love being a part of the Music Industry- and I want to show people how great this world of
music is”.