Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes

Importance of One on One Classes

At DJ4Life we take pride in our approach of one on one interaction between student and lecturer.  Here are a few reasons why it is not only beneficial but vital to your growth and understanding.

The student has the opportunity to have the lecturers undivided attention and engage in the course material developing and enhancing their unique set of skills.

The student often has more control over the aims of the class, the pace and the materials and the lecturer is able to structure that according to the capabilities of the student.

Our lecturers are practical as well as textbook orientated, which means the student is able to focus on critical concepts and hold discussions to better their personal development.

Lecturers are not only a source of resource, but also your mentors and role models. They hold the key to industry knowledge through their experience and expertise.

The lecturer is able to give constructive feedback to the student during the duration of the course.

Especially in the music industry, DJ4Life is an environment of higher learning, fun and an opportunity to apply your creative mind.