Keyboard Essentials Course

Keyboard Essentials Course

The keyboard is a complete instrument for the writer, arranger, and producer, capable of playing any type of part, including bass lines, chords, and melodies. For the modern musician utilizing digital audio workstations and virtual instruments, the keyboard is also the most effective input device for sequencing and score creation.

Developing your keyboard playing will strengthen your knowledge of theory and enable you to more efficiently create great sounding productions.

What will be covered

  • Major and Minor Diatonic Scales
  • Major and Minor Triads
  • Chord Extensions, Chord Progressions
  • Keyboard Grooves, Fills and Melodies
  • Pentatonic Scales and Improvisation
  • Common Chord progressions and chord scales and patterns
  • Prescribed project


Learn essential techniques that aid in producing higher quality music.

40 Lessons ( 1 hour per lesson / one on one with the lecturer )



R18 200 ( once off payment )

R13 300 / 5700 ( 70 / 30 split )

R2200 ( over 10 months )