This course will fully equip and prepare you for the world of the digital DJ.

What will be covered

  • An overview of the technology of DJing and its development from turntables to today
  • Basic navigation, customization and use of traktor
  • Import tracks and building your music library
  • Playing tracks and internal mixer use
  • Counting beats
  • Traditional beat matching
  • Sync features of Traktor
  • Cue Points
  • How to mix tracks
  • Recording in Traktor
  • How to use the S4′s four channel mixer
  • Using loops and cue points
  • Using effects
  • Organizing tracks
  • Bar and phrase matching
  • Time code configuration via mapping
  • Favorites panel
  • Hot Cues
  • Equilizer, key and harmonic mixing
  • Mapping commands for the EQ
  • Key settings via mapping
  • Audio formats and sample rates


The future of DJIing lies in Digital DJing. This Traktor course will ensure you are fully comprehensive in advanced DJ software and that you completely grasp the newest technology controllers, time code setups and various combinations to achieve your maximum as a performing artist.

12 Lessons
COST R4,200

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