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Jess Jacobs
Sirka is an electronic philanthropist that thrives off of Bass as well as being a firm believer in the fact that what you create is a personal reflection on who you are.
With his feet planted firmly in the bass aspect of music production and his forte being drum and bass, Sirka strives to bring the soulful side to the deeper corners of bass music.

Sirka has Collaborated with International artists Such as Greekboy (Soul Flex Recordings, Different Drumz, Flex Records, DNBB Recordings) and DNBB Honcho Mystific (DNBB Recordings, True box Records) And Local artists such as Division and Mr Mon.

About Jess:
March 24, 1993
South Africa

Tertiary Education:
Multimedia and Graphic Design At Vega
Digital Music Production and Composition / Sound Engineering at Soul Candi

Drum & Bass
Hip Hop
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